February 21

02-18-2021(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

If you haven’t heard, every Wednesday of Lent, I’ll release a short video on our website and Parish Facebook Page. This past Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) was just the primer for the weeks to come. And this coming Wednesday’s video will be about some things we might want to remove from our lives. But we don’t just want to create a vacuum. We need to fill our lives with good things...holy things. I know of just the opportunity for some of you.

Recently, Katherine Lahera discerned it was time to move from Youth Ministry into the role of parish media specialist. This is going to be a wonderful blessing for our parish as she will be able to continue to improve the quality of our online (streamed) Masses for the homebound, as well as videos and other projects, thus increasing the quality of our parish outreach. But what about OLOJ Youth Ministry?

If you attended Mass this weekend, you met Mady Mooradian, our new coordinator of youth ministry... and she’s pretty amazing! Another huge blessing for our parish! But you also probably heard she will need your help... (and as someone who coordinated youth ministry for almost two decades, I can tell you, youth ministers need your help!)

If you are in 6th to 12th grade, get excited for what she is going to have in store for you!

If you are a parent of someone in that age bracket, reach out to her right away! She wants to meet you! And please make your kids give it a chance. (When I was a teen 800 years ago, I didn’t want to go. My parents made me, then I realized the girls were cute, and eventually I kept going because I enjoyed it and the messages broke through.)

If you are a college student or a young professional (single or married), reach out and see if you might be a fit to help her. And no matter who you are – reach out and let her know you are praying for her success.

Reach out to Mady at mmooradian@oloj.org or 480-346-3046.