Preschool Philosophy

Our Lady of Joy Roman Catholic School is a Community which believes in:

  • Every child’s unique talents and abilities
  • Always following our Lord, Jesus Christ
  • Growing spiritually, academically, and socially
  • Learning as a life-long process
  • Engaging and welcoming environment
  • Service to One Another

Educating Together in Catholic Schools

A Shared Mission between Consecrated Persons and the Lay Faithful

In a world where cultural challenge is the first, the most provocative and has the potential for effecting who we are the most, the Catholic school is well aware of the onerous commitments it is called to face and it preserves its utmost importance even in present circumstances.

When the Catholic School is animated by lay and consecrated persons that live the same educational mission in sincere unity, the Catholic school shows the face of a community that tends towards an increasingly deeper communion. This communion knows how to be welcoming with regard to people as they mature, making them feel, through the maternal solicitude of the Church, that God carries the life of each son and daughter of His in His heart. It knows how to involve young people in a global formation experience, to direct and accompany, in the light of the Good News, their search for meaning, even in unusual and difficult circumstances, but with urgency. A communion, finally, that inasmuch as it is based on Christ, acknowledges Him and announces Him to each and everyone as the only true Master (cf. Matt 23:8).

Our philosophy at Our Lady of Joy Catholic Preschool is to effectively live the educational mission in the Church, entrusted to the patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and educator of Christ and of all people, so that, like the servants at the wedding of Cana, we may humbly follow her loving invitation: "Do whatever He tells you" (Jn 2:5) and may our students and all God's children, find communion in the Church, "the home and the school of communion" for every person of our time.

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