Preschool Classes

Tuesday - Thursday 9:00am - 2:15pm

Because we are a small preschool, we can offer half days and two days a week program for your child.

The three and four year old stage is full of curiosity, socialization and play. Characterized by strong will and determination, the three year old is actually emotionally and physically insecure. In the classroom we teach them the tools needed to work through this stage of their life. We foster growth in all developmental areas including, social, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

This is our preschool classes that have both 3 and 4 years old enrolled. All children must be potty trained in order to attend.

The preschool classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00am-2:15pm, a full day of school. The 3 year old is typically a happy child, anxious to please and conforming easily. At this age of budding independence, many strands of previous development converge and a new self comes into focus. The three year old is more secure, emotionally calm, friendly, and giving than just a few months ago.

Preschool Class Schedule

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

*Half day schedule is available for preschool enrollment from 9:00am-12:00pm

Time Activity
9:00-9:25am Arrival, unpack and seat work
9:25-9:45am Prayer, Pledge, Jobs and Literacy Skills Morning Meeting/Prayer
9:45-10:05am Wash up and Snack
10:05-10:25am Recess
10:25-10:45am Math Skills and Calendar
10:55-11:30am Centers and Art
11:30-11:50am Recess
11:50am - 12:30pm Wash up and Lunch
12:30-12:50pm Quiet Story and Nap Mats are ready
12:55-1:55pm Nap
2:00pm Closing Prayer and backpacks
2:15pm Dismissal