Stewardship Annual Report

I am pleased to present the 2018-2019 Stewardship Annual Report. The report highlights the important work accomplished by 550 volunteers whose work spans 63 ministries, committees, programs and services touching the lives of our parishioners and many of those in need in our diocese. I thank you for answering God’s call to serve your church by giving unselfishly of your time, talent and treasure. It is by loving one another and acting on this love that we can spread the good news of the Gospel and bring people closer to God.

This year has brought many blessings. We have enjoyed the use of our newly renovated church and office space. We added two religious sisters to the staff and have benefited immensely from their presence and their missionary zeal. In addition, we were able to purchase a convent for the sisters and our generous parishioners worked tirelessly to furnish and decorate the building, as well as move the sisters in. A few new ministries were started; Missionary Disciples, Intercessory Prayer group, MMP Prayer Cenacle, and a new Family Ministry to support our young families and strengthen their bonds to the Church.

The annual report contains a financial report on the health of the parish. You may recall that in 2013, Our Lady of Joy Parish was blessed with a generous monetary gift of over 4 million dollars from the William G. Poortvliet Family Trust. We were able to use the remainder of those funds to renovate the parish offices and begin the renovation of the parish hall, which will be completed in December of 2019. This project will complete our use of the Trust and we will continue to count ourselves blessed by the consistent financial support of our parishioners.

Thank you for continuing to serve the Lord and Our Lady of Joy by your untiring support, your presence and worship-offering. I am grateful for each of you and the generous support you have given the parish and myself, as well as Father Clement and Father Kurt. May the Holy Spirit guide me, and may God bless each of you and your families. Please continue to pray for me.

Yours in Christ and Our Lady,
Fr. Jess Ty

2019 Stewardship Annual Report

2018 Stewardship Annual Report