Legion of Mary

What is the Legion of Mary?

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, with well over 3 million active members in almost every country of the world. It has been active in the United States since 1931, has been approved by the last 6 Popes, and was endorsed by the Second Vatican Council. The main purpose of the Legion of Mary is to give glory to God through the sanctification of its members.

What does the Legion of Mary do?

Members become instruments of the Holy Spirit through a balanced program of prayer and service. Works include door-to-door evangelization, parishioner visitation, prison ministry, visitation of the sick or aged, crowd contact, religious education, visiting the newly baptized, Pilgrim Virgin Statue rotations, and meeting the other spiritual needs of the parish community. Legionaries are under the guidance of a spiritual director named by the pastor. The Legion is, in essence, an extension of the heart and hands of the pastor.

How does the Legion of Mary work?

Members meet once a week for prayer, planning and discussion in a family setting. Then they do two hours of definite work each week in pairs and under the guidance of their spiritual director.

Who can belong to the Legion of Mary?

The Legion of Mary is open to all Catholics (& Orthodox) who:

  • Faithfully practice their religion;
  • Are animated by the desire to participate in the Church's apostolate through membership in the Legion;
  • Are prepared to fulfill each and every duty which active membership in the Legion involves

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