Preschool Enrollment

Upon request, families will be provided a registration application to be filled out and returned to the preschool. If space is available, a registration packet must then be completed and returned with any applicable fees and tuition payments.

Our Lady of Joy Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in its admissions and educational policies. Continuing families and parishioners are given priority enrollment over new families applying to the program.

Children with special needs will be accepted into the preschool program only if we can provide the services to meet those needs. In the case of a medical or physical situation, parents will be required to provide additional documentation related to any special care or requirements.

Children are expected to be reliably toilet trained prior to entering the preschool program. Those enrolled in the Early Birds class must be showing strong progress toward being reliably trained. In the event of “consistent accidents”, we will ask that the child be removed from the program.