Love God and Love your Neighbor

by Deacon Dan Doheny   |  10/29/2023  |  Homilies

Today’s gospel is one of my favorites – it is one of Jesus’ most memorable and most important teachings

In the business world I learned how to develop an elevator speech, which is a quick speech that you can give if you bump into someone and have to give them a quick sales pitch

If a stranger asked me to summarize the Bible teachings in 15 seconds, I would say that God created men and women in his image and told them what they must do be happy on earth and to live forever in heaven – and the 2 primary rules are to love God and love your neighbor. If interested, that 15 second talk could lead to a lot of questions and deeper discussion.


You shall love your neighbor as yourself

by David Lins  |  10/29/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

At first listen, one might be tempted to hear this weekend’s Gospel (Mt. 22:34-40) and conclude that Jesus tossed out the ten commandments and replaced them with love (love of God and love of neighbor).

“I told you man! Jesus wiped out all the old restrictions and now we can do whatever we want as long as we say we are his!”

Not so fast, hippie.


Honor God above all else

by Deacon Dennis Fleming  |  10/29/2023  |  Homilies

First Communion is always a joyous celebration in each parish.

In one parish a family was preparing for the First Communion of their son Kevin. At the time it was the tradition that boys receiving their First Communion all dress in white suits, and for girls to wear a white dress. So, Kevin’s parents took him shopping to find his white suit for his First Communion.

Even though Kevin was only seven years old, he had his own ideas about what it meant to dress formally. His idea of getting dressed up was wearing a clean tee shirt and a pair of jeans without any holes. (Since I’ve been retired, I find that I think a lot like Kevin about what constitutes dressing up).


One God

by David Lins  |  10/22/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

In this week’s Gospel, the Lord reminds us there is one God.

Why would he need to do this? Well, there were “gods” all over the place. In fact, the coin Jesus is shown claimed the emperor was the son of god.

Emperors and kings were regularly considered divine. This was often a result of their success in military conflicts, territorial expansion, or it was the result of self-declaration (often accompanied by fear of death if contradicted).

But the Lord IS God, not A god among many.


Love and Truth

by David Lins  |  10/15/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

This weekend’s Gospel is the second consecutive Gospel where Jesus breaks out of the box many Catholics (as well as other Christian denominations) put him in.

They tend to believe God only got upset in the Old Testament. He was (insert thunder sound effect) the God of Judgement!

Then, Jesus came along and told his Dad to “chill out.” It’s all about love. (Sure. He flipped some tables, but he was probably having a rough day.)

So. Many. Problems. With. This.


Remain in Gratitude

by David Lins  |  10/08/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

In chapter 4 of Philippians, we find one of the most beautiful and reassuring excerpts found anywhere in the Bible. I’d like to highlight it here so you don’t miss it as it is this weekend’s second reading.

“Brothers and sisters: have no anxiety at all.”

Ha! Those words obviously weren’t writen in 2023! No anxiety? How is that even possible?!

“ prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.”


This is Your TIme!

by David Lins  |  10/01/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

In Matthew 21, Jesus gives the example of two sons. The first refuses to serve his father, but ends up changing his mind and doing what his father asked. The second quickly agrees to his father’s request, but then does nothing. The Gospel goes on to make clear that the first was the one to do his father’s will.

What does this mean?

Like any intelligent being, God cares more about what you do than what you say.

Who would you rather have as an employee? The one who says, “You got it, boss!” then, does nothing. Or the one who seems hesitant, but comes around and gets the job done?