Happy Feast Day of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

by Fr. Jess Ty  |  12/31/2023  |  Weekly Reflection

Dear Family of God,

Happy Feast Day of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

Two things we can imitate of the virtues of Mary and Joseph, one is their humility that made them always available for God and allow themselves to become instruments for the fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation. Second is the virtue of obedience because they are humble. Obedience to the law made them receive the blessings and revelations of God through Prophet Simeon when they presented Jesus to the Temple. As Pope Saint John Paul II fondly say: “The salvation of the world passes by way of the family.”


4th Sunday of Advent

by David Lins  |  12/24/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

In the past, I’ve used the Christmas bulletin to address the amazing folks who often only join us for Christmas, Easter and special occasions. I do this because our family isn’t complete without them. But this Christmas, I’d like to do something a bit different. I want to dedicate this column to those of you who have attended Mass faithfully over the past year.


3rd Sunday of Advent

by David Lins  |  12/17/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

Over the past seven years, I’ve occasionally either been asked why I think being Catholic matters—or told outright that it doesn’t. I’d like to think the sum total of my writing over that span has been my response, but I’ll boil it down as best I can.

I love our protestant and non-dom friends. I truly do. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to say, “It doesn’t matter, as long as you love Jesus.” Why? Here are a few reasons:


2nd Sunday of Advent

by David Lins  |  12/10/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

This coming Friday (12/15) - the day of our parish Christmas Concert (don’t miss it!) - will be my last day as a member of the OLOJ parish staff. And it has been an adventure.

I notified Fr. Jess back in November that I’d be leaving as a result of my doctor suggesting I eliminate driving sixty seven miles for work each day in an effort to help with some ongoing health issues and coinciding with a job opportunity opening up much closer to home.


1st Sunday of Advent

by David Lins  |  12/03/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

This Sunday’s Gospel is all about being alert for Christ’s second coming. But we rarely think about what that means.

We should spend our days doing our best to hear and follow his will for our lives. In big decisions and small choices. We must be attuned to his will and listening for his promptings.

Years ago, I was wandering around the airport in Houston - waiting for my connecting flight - when I looked at a man in a chair looking back at me. It was Contemporary Christian Musician Matt Maher (who has been nominated for nine Grammy Awards and GMA Songwriter of the Year in 2015).