Family Ministry

“The Church is not a place we go to, but a family we belong to.”

Fr. Clement Attah, Associate Pastor

Family ministry at Our Lady of Joy seeks to create a supportive environment for families with children to grow in faith and fellowship, build up Catholic culture, and find in the church a second home.

By starting small and building up “organically”, we hope to meet the real needs of families and allow friendships to form.

2019-2020 Activities

Child-friendly rosary before the 4:00pm Mass in the Church.

No experience or knowledge required! All ages welcome! Begins at 3:35pm in the front of the church on the right! See you there!

Monthly Gatherings every First Wednesday beginning September 4

Our Wednesday evening Religious education night is the perfect time to “change it up” once a month to allow participation of more families. From 5:00-6:30pm there will be a fun filled night for the whole family followed by dinner!

  • Helpful topics and discussion for Parents in the Church
  • Activity for children not attending RE
  • Child-care available for toddlers (contact us in advance to ensure space)
  • Confession Available
  • All ages family friendly Eucharistic Adoration
  • Dinner Provided!!

Note: We are in need of volunteers who are safe-environment trained to help in various ways with these gatherings.

Occasional social and other events throughout the year, usually on a Friday evening.

It’s important to have church-sponsored events where the whole family can participate. Families in today’s world need the support of knowing other families who are trying to live out their Catholic faith. Children need to feel included rather than excluded from church-related activities so they will come to find in their parish church “a second home”. These gatherings usually involve pot luck style dinners with various other activities for the whole family.

Family consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“Consecrating” your family means to intentionally invite Our Blessed Mother to be spiritual Mother to your family, which brings so many blessings and graces. Here are some books available to help your family prepare, that can also be purchased at Our Lady of Joy Alegria Gift Shop: