Fellowship Ministry

Join the Fellowship Ministry at Our Lady of Joy! We are groups of 6 to 12 parishioners who meet in each other’s homes twice a month for an hour to grow in their faith through prayer and a sharing of the upcoming Sunday Gospel reading.

Feeling the support of their community, individuals can live their faith more fully in their family, neighborhood and workplace.

Our Fellowship Ministry groups meet in many neighborhoods in this area including Troon North, Rio Verde and Pinnacle Peak as well as at Our Lady of Joy.

To learn more or to find a group near you, please contact Jerry and Sheila Drumm at gerald.drumm@gmail.com.


When I think about the Fellowship Ministry, I recall that in the early days of the church disciples of Christ formed Christian communities which became the center of their lives. In these groups they shared their lives, and participated together in prayer and worship. They shared and met their needs together, giving to each other as well as receiving from God and each other the benefits of the community.

Mary Linda and I were a part of a small Christian church group earlier in our lives. We were responding to the need we felt to become stronger in our faith. As we grew older and our children began to establish their own lives, we felt the need to fill that void and also to devote our thoughts and time to God’s plan for us. We sought some way to meet God beyond just our weekly trip to Mass. For us, joining the Fellowship Ministry filled that need.

For me, it was an entry to a greater commitment to my faith, which ultimately resulted in my being ordained a Deacon. But for many others in our group, it provided unique fulfillment of the call they felt toward greater oneness with Christ. There were many other benefits beyond that. The members of that group are, for the most part, still among our closest friends with whom we share a bond not just of friendship, but of common faith.

Small church groups can mark a return to the excitement and intensity in faith that the early Christians felt, and one which is relevant in today’s faith challenging world. Mary Linda and I are grateful that God led us to the group we joined, and hope many others in our community of Our Lady of Joy find the same growth in faith, comfort in fellowship, and lifelong friendships that we experienced.

Deacon Dennis Fleming, Our Lady of Joy

There are not enough words to describe the numerous graces and benefits of belonging to a small Christian community like the OLOJ Fellowship Ministry. The sharing among like-minded brothers and sisters led by the Holy Spirit helped us to propel our relationship with Christ and in the trust of one another.  What started as a group of 2-3 believers grew to 40-45.  It was through prayers that Jesus and His Blessed Mother also led priests and religious to our home, where Mass was part of our meeting.  We remember having to move furniture out of our small living room for the gathering as it grew.  Our fellowship groups became special in regard to our willingness to share as we lifted each other up in prayer and encouragement in response to each member’s trials and struggles.  For many, the supernatural power of God’s ability to heal was life-changing.  Our group also encouraged us to help and support our neighbors by participating and sharing our gifts with those less fortunate.  We now understand Pope John Paul II’s statement that, “The Lord has entrusted a great part of the responsibility of the Church’s mission to the lay faithful, in communion with all other members of the people of God.”  Fellowship ministry groups are critical in these difficult times we live.  As Pope John Paul II also stated, “The lay state of life bears witness to the importance of the earthly realities of God’s plan of salvation.”