School Uniforms and Dress Code

In order to provide the best service to our families, we have decided to facilitate uniforms in house. We have a local embroidery company in Cave Creek that sews the logos to our shirts, cardigans and hoodies.

We have a small supply of knit shirts available at the preschool office. However, if you would prefer to purchase a plain royal blue knit shirt, we would be happy to have the logo sewn on . Please see color of knit shirt below. It is a royal blue.

Dress Code Guidelines

All students are required to wear the approved preschool uniform. Uniforms can be purchased through the Preschool Office. If a child comes to school and is not dressed according to policy he/she will be sent to the office and a uniform will be loaned to them.

Our Lady of Joy sells all embroidered logo polo shirts, jumpers, skorts and spirit shirts. Boys must wear uniform khaki shorts or pants, no cargo pants or pants with pockets on legs.

  • Closed-toed shoes are mandatory. No sandals, flip flops, CROCS, boots or shoes without socks are not allowed.
  • No tattoos.
  • No distracting hair accessories, jewelry or piercing, other than ears for girls are permitted. Girls may wear one pair of small posts. Jewelry other than religious medallion is not permitted.
  • Jackets, coats, hats and caps are not to be worn inside the classroom.
  • Girls may wear white, navy blue, grey or black leggings/tights during cold months. No sweatpants, jeans, etc. may be worn under jumpers.
  • Girls must wear bike short/shorts under jumpers.
  • No fad or distracting hairstyle or hair coloring is permitted. Boys’ hair must be kept cut in traditional boys’ short hairstyles. Hair must be trimmed around the ears so that hair does not hang over the ears, on the forehead so that it does not hang in the eyes, and in the back to a length short enough so that it does not touch the shirt collar.
  • Girls’ hair must be trimmed so that it does not hang in the eyes.