Religious Education (Pre-K - 5th grade)

We are excited to invite your family to join our catechetical program called Religious Education (RE.) We offer weekly classes on most Monday evenings. We also, proudly serve our families dinner from 5:30-6:00 pm. Class is from 6:00-7:00 pm.

  • Register for Elementary Religious Education and Sacramental Preparation
  • Elementary Religious Education (Pre-K-Grade 5)
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Pre-K- 1st)
  • First Reconciliation (grade 2)
  • First Confirmation/Communion (grade 3)

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd- Pre-K - 1st Grade

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is the response to the hunger of the child who wants to be close to God. It is an exciting alternative to traditional religious education. The curriculum is structured so that it accommodates and nurtures the faith, moral, and physiological states of the child's growth. This non-scholastic, hands on approach is for children 3 years to 1st grade. This opportunity is offered weekly, during the school year.

  • Atrium:
    • The environment, known as the atrium, is a special setting, child-sized and beautiful, where the child may come to know and enjoy the presence of God in his or her life. This place has often been described as a peaceful, prayerful environment for the child.
    • Curriculum:
      • Because children respond in the same way to elements of the Christian message, the core curriculum includes the following.
        • COVENANT…the celebration of our relationship with God and with all people.
        • CHRISTOLOGY…the study of Jesus.
        • LITURGY…the language of “signs” as a vital aspect of our worship.
        • ..gestures and words that help us on our life’s journey and join us together with God and other people through Jesus.

Sacramental Preparation: (2nd grade-3rd grade)

  • Those in grades 2 and older preparing for Reconciliation, Communion, Confirmation are to enroll for two full years of preparation.
  • Are in second grade or older
  • Upon completing the preparation for First Reconciliation, children will proceed to Confirmation and First Communion simultaneously, usually in the third grade, as part of a combined liturgical ceremony.
  • Classes are from September 9th through May 5th.
    • In regard to missing classes: students must not miss more than three classes for the entire year. Regular participation is very important and if more than 3 classes are missed, the year will not count as a completed year of faith formation.
    • Please communicate any concerns with attendance to Tatiana Horne(
  • Attend weekly mass
  • A required retreat with at least one parent and sponsor (if receiving first communion/confirmation)
  • We offer religious education classes for 4th and 5th grade
    • Curriculum will be: Blest Are We

To Get started:

  • Sign up for Catechesis Classes
  • If a registered parishioner
    • $85 for one kid
    • $160 for two kids
    • $30 for each additional child
  • For non-parishioners
    • $150 for one child
    • $300 for two children
    • $50 for each additional child