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Two Sides of Humility

09-12-2021David Lins

Many years ago, my dad taught me there are two sides to humility.

One side recognizes without God, very little is possible. Did you get great grades, graduate from a prestigious university, and end up with a high-level job? I bet you worked hard to accomplish all those things? But who gave you the intellectual capacity to fill - in the first place? God.

Think of everything you’ve accomplished through hard work like this: God gave you the containers of potential. You fulfilled those containers of potential through your efforts – or responded to what He had given you.


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Knights of Columbus Save the Dates

The up and coming meetings and K of C activities through October 17. Please see below for dates, times, and activities. Attend St. Joseph Men’s Group with Knights and others on Friday mornings at 6:30am in the Parish Hall.


Out Family Ministry Still Needs Volunteers

We are still needing volunteers to help in multiple different parts of out ministry.


Sanctuary and Adoration Chapel Candle Sponsorships

We are now offering our parishioners the opportunity to sponsor either a Sanctuary Candle or an Adoration Chapel Candle in memory of a loved one.


Dive into the History of the Catholic Faith

Add Fri, Sep 3 @ 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Join Mike Snozek in Room One of the parish hall every Friday 9:30-11:30am through Fri, Dec 17, as he leads you through the high points of Church History and shows its impact on the wider world (and vice versa). No cost or registration needed - just show up!

Save the Date: Our Lady of Joy’s Christmas Bazaar

Add Fri, Nov 12 - Sat, Nov 13

We will be hosting Our Lady of Joy's Christmas Bazaar on Fri, Nov 12 and Sat, Nov 13. Thank you to Our Lady’s Guild for organizing this popular annual event.