The Virtue of Humility

by Fr. Jess Ty  |  07/07/2024  |  Weekly Reflection

Dear Family of God,

In our Gospel this weekend, Jesus was not able to perform any mighty deeds in Nazareth, because of their lack of Faith. Pride is one of the capital sins, his townmates cannot accept Jesus because of their pride. We all need to develop the Virtue of Humility so that we can accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior and avoid eternal separation from God.

St. Charbel said: “The family is the basis in the Lord’s plan, and all the forces of evil aim to demolish it. Uphold your families and guard them against the grudges of the Evil One by the presence of God.” How do we preserve the presence of God? Pray, pray the rosary as a family. Receive the Holy Eucharist as often as you can. Put God at the center of your life and family. Life is sacred only God has the right to decide when He will take us home. Abortion is murder of an innocent person. Science proves it, it is not just tissues, she or he is a small human being in the womb.

All sex outside marriage is mortal sin. We have the sacrament on Confession available to prepare us for Holy Communion. Every action we take has eternal consequences because we have souls, our body may die, but our soul continues to live and face God for judgment. Now is the time of mercy, let us avail Jesus’ offer. When the time of justice comes it will be dreadful for those who continually rebel against God and His Law, but for us who trust in God’s mercy, it will be a joyful encounter with our Lord.

May Our Lady of Joy intercede for us always and enjoy the Freedom of the Children of God now and for eternity.

In Christ through Mary Immaculate.