Keys to a Better Life

by David Lins  |  05/21/2023  |  (Being) Catholic Matters

My poor little sniffly kindergartner cannot seem to stay healthy. As a result, my wife and I have been emphasizing a few keys she can focus on to bolster her immune system.

The First Key: Reduce Sugar. You have enough energy already. Sugar has virtually no nutritional value and only leaves you wanting more. The Second Key: More Veggies and Fruits. This is the stuff that “sticks to your bones.” It makes you big and strong. The Third Key: Stop Sharing Your Water Bottle. You are inviting germs into your body. The Fourth Key: Stop Wiggling Your Baby Teeth. Keep your hands out of your mouth. Be patient. The Fifth Key: Get Your Sleep. You’ll die without it.

So how do you build up your immunity to the temptations of this world? In much the same way.

Stop focusing on the pursuit of things that will only leave you wanting more. That shiny new car? You’ll want to replace it within a few years. That promotion that will solve all your problems? You’ll soon discover it is the next promotion that will solve all your problems.

Instead, pursue education and entertainment that reinforces your Catholic faith and/or the virtuous life. Soak your life in the regular reception of the sacraments. This will help you grow as a child of God and strengthen your character.

Refuse to share in sin. It spreads like germs. Walk away from the television when the wrong show is playing, the website when the content isn’t of the Lord, the conversation when it turns into slander, or even the unhealthy friendship.

Work toward worthy goals, but resist the urge to believe God is ignoring your heart. While waiting for God to fill your sails, just keep rowing.

Finally, spend significant time in prayer. You’ll spiritually die without it. The ACTS Model is great! Adoration (God, you are great!), Contrition (and I am sorry for the ways I’ve failed you), Thanksgiving (while you’ve blessed me so richly), and Supplication (please wash my requests in your Will).