Our mission is to build a community of missionary disciples through the sacraments, prayer, acts of charity, and evangelization and catechesis based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

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Dispensation Lifted July 1, 2021

Bishop Olmsted announces the restoration of the obligation for Sunday and holy day Masses in the Diocese of Phoenix, effective July 1, 2021.

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David LinsCatholic Thoughts

“Lord, It Is Good to Give Thanks to You.”

06-13-2021David Lins

Name five things you wish were different about your life right now. Snap your fingers and it is done. Big or small. Go! (I’ll wait right here.)

Maybe you went big right off the bat and tackled topics like eradicating Covid from the Earth, healing a parent, overcoming an addiction, or bringing a child back to the Catholic Faith. Maybe you ticked off some boxes that have been annoying you for years like squeaky stairs or losing that extra twenty pounds. (I’m sure those two biographical answers are COMPLETELY unrelated.) Or maybe you leveled up a few items like obtaining a nicer vehicle, getting that cabin, or being given that overdue promotion.

But now, let’s shift gears and name five things in your life you are grateful for right now. Big or small. Go! (I got nowhere to be. Do it.)


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