Our mission is to build a community of missionary disciples through the sacraments, prayer, acts of charity, and evangelization and catechesis based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

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David LinsCatholic Thoughts

When You Feel the Pull Toward the Lord...

06-26-2022David Lins

When I was a full-time youth minister (shorthand for coordinator or director of youth ministries in a Catholic Church), one of the most heartbreaking moments was just before a retreat or conference when a young person would say something like, “Thanks for the invite. I really want to go. And I’ll go next time! It’s just... I’ve got this ::insert random sport, social, or family event. My ::insert parent, coach, teacher, or friend:: really wants me to go.”

Most of the time, I knew (I KNEW!) that if they went, it would likely change the trajectory of their lives (and afterlives). But if they didn’t, the opportunity would be missed and the pressures and competing pulls of adolescence would prevent them from ever prioritizing their Faith again.


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