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Life of the Beloved

Homily by Fr. Clement Attah, VC from January 10, 2021

Our mission is to build a community of missionary disciples through the sacraments, prayer, acts of charity, and evangelization and catechesis based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

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David LinsCatholic Thoughts

January 17

01-17-2021David Lins

Your title here...

I’d like to try a little experiment this week. I want to run a test and see how many of the people reading this little column I’d be willing to have a cup of coffee or a pastry with. Please answer the following ten questions:

  1. What religion are you?

  2. What political party are you registered under?

  3. Should mask-wearing be universally mandated or is it bowing down before an anti-religious cabal?

  4. Do you drive at or below the speed limit in the left hand lane?

  5. Are you an Apple or a PC household?


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