Who God Is

06-10-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

A few weeks ago, at the Parish Scripture Study Group (Mondays at 10:30am in Room 3 of the Parish Hall—join us!), we were discussing why the Church teaches the mystery of the Trinity is the central mystery of our entire faith. This is because every other mystery is about what God does. The mystery of the Trinity is about who God is.

This emphasis on one mystery over the others gives evidence that the Church differentiates between action and identity. This is not only true of mysteries but of us, as well. This separation between what we do and who we are contains profound implications.

This shows us what confession is - the Divine tearing what we have done (sin) from who we are (children of God). This shows us how to approach anyone who is steeped in harmful behavior - “You are amazing, wonderful, beautiful… truly a gift. I love you… and you are worth so much more than the stuff you are swimming in.” This shows us how to love our enemy - while you live your life espousing morality and principles that are directly in opposition to the morality and principles I support, I recognize you are still my sibling in Christ and I value your life.

We have probably all heard the phrase, “hate the sin, love the sinner.” We have all probably forgotten it, too. Let’s remember.

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