Let Us Truly Be Sons and Daughters of the Father

04-30-2017Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

On the road to Emmaus (in this Sunday’s Gospel), Jesus breaks down Scripture and explains it. Then, He prepares a table, breaks bread, and blesses it. Does this sound familiar?

It is the Mass! Sadly, so many people have left behind this beautiful formula given to us by Jesus Christ.

When you work for the Roman Catholic Church, people sometimes try to pin down your particular leanings. (Do you like the Latin Mass? What do you think about contemporary liturgy? What do you think the purpose of an altar server is? Is it okay to hold hands during the Our Father?) It is often posed as if to get your thoughts on the matter. Most of the time the real question is, “friend or foe?”

Here is my answer: “I love the Mass!”


The Messages of our Lady of Fatima

04-23-2017Pastor LetterFr. Jess Ty

Dear Family of God,

Beginning this May, we will be trying to learn the Messages of our Lady of Fatima in order to commemorate the 100th Year Anniversary of her apparitions and her concern for us, her children. We will culminate this celebration on October 13th.

“The year 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady to the three shepherd children (Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta and Sr. Lucy) at Fatima, Portugal, where the Blessed Mother appeared once each month from May 13 until October 13, 1917.


We Are Broken

04-23-2017Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

We are broken. We don’t like to talk about it. We don’t even like to think about it. But you and I? We are broken.

Maybe something we have done or have failed to do has shaped our family in a way it was never supposed to be formed. Maybe our own flaws manifest themselves at the wrong moment and a relationship was forever wounded. Maybe we just feel tired of trying and failing so we have become hopeless.

We are broken. But our Lord is risen. And this matters because in today’s Gospel, the risen Jesus tells us not to fear. Then, He gives us the Holy Spirit. Finally, He gives us the gift of reconciliation.

This is precisely what broken people need.


Welcome Home

04-16-2017Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

People stop attending Mass every Sunday for any number of reasons. Here is a little food for thought on each…

There are far more entertaining ways I can spend an hour each Sunday.

In the moment, the most meaningful use of our time is rarely the most entertaining. As a young person, you can study or you can play a video game. As a young adult, you can pick up a side job and start socking away savings or you can binge another Netflix show. As an adult, you can spend time with your elderly parents or you can buy season tickets. As a retiree, you can volunteer the talents you spent a lifetime developing or you can golf. The pursuit of entertainment rarely results in a meaningful life, but the pursuit of God always does.


Participate. Pray. Welcome Others.

04-09-2017Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

It is no secret. I am a huge Packers fan and I’m happy to shoot the breeze about my team with anyone.

When watching football, it is pretty easy to see who are fans and who are HUGE fans. Fans glance up from their cell phones when everyone cheers. They are genuinely happy when the team scores. They even wear the uniform when their team is in the Super Bowl.

The HUGE fans are deeply engaged throughout the game. Their eyes are scanning for nuances. It becomes a topic of conversation throughout the week. Related websites are visited often. Their heroes are the greats who have achieved glory in previous generations.

I think it is the same with our Catholic Faith.


When we accept God’s plans for us by freely choosing His Will above our own, He makes miracles happen in our lives.

04-02-2017Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

This Sunday, we read one of the most confusing moments in all of the Bible. Jesus finds out his friend is dying some distance away. Naturally, He decides to extend His stay an additional two days before heading toward His friend.

This is not normal behavior. Which only makes sense when we step back and realize it is because Jesus was about to do something even more out of the ordinary.