Being the Catholic Family

02-17-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

I want to affirm a very specific group of people who are vital to our parish community and I want to challenge the rest of us. If you attend Mass alone, I see you. I thank you. I am inspired by you. I know it might not always be easy—being surrounded by couples and families and groups—but you are faithful and you are there.


God Needs Your Humility

02-10-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

In Isaiah 6 and Luke 5 we get a real strong example of the Lord being drawn to humility. In Isaiah 6, the prophet sees the Lord and is convinced he isgoing to die. This is because you couldn’t be anywhere near God with sin and live. He cries out, “Woe is me! I am lost!” His sin is then purged with a spiritual burning coal.


He Always Loves Us

02-03-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Years ago, I drove the best vehicle I ever owned. It was a used hunter green extended cab F150. I loved that truck. Thing was, I never noticed how many F150s were on the road until I owned one. Suddenly, they seemed to be everywhere. We tend to recognize the familiar.


A Period is Stronger Than an Exclamation Point

01-27-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Many people in the pews mistakenly see Jesus as meek and mild. They hear His beautiful message of love and forgiveness, and they can’t conceive of this message being compatible with strength and power. Yet, when we read the words of Luke’s fourth chapter, there it is.


Comparisons are Poison

01-20-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Comparisons are poison.

I’ll never forget the time I was completely content with my salary until I accidentally stumbled across a co-worker’s salary. Suddenly, I felt disrespected and massively underpaid. It was nearly twenty years ago. What changed? Nothing – except I was comparing myself to someone else.


Live Lives Pleasing to God

01-13-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

I can’t stop talking about goals in January. I think it is part of my American DNA. I’ve rattled off several of them recently. Most of them are good and worthy of our efforts.


A Time for Change

01-06-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Merry Christmas Season everyone! It’s the first Sunday of the New Year! It’s a time of resolutions. It’s a time to avoid the bathroom scale. And it’s often a time for change.