Dr. Brant Pitre’s reflections on the coming Sunday’s readings

Add Mon, Jul 27 @ 9:00 AM (weekly)

Every Monday - if you request it – at about 9:00am, I will email you a transcript of Dr. Brant Pitre’s reflections on the coming Sunday’s readings. They provide deep insight and context that bring the readings to life in an entirely new way.

If you prefer – you can pay for a subscription and watch the weekly video at this link https://catholicproductions.com/pages/shogun-mass-readings-explained-subscription. Read through the transcript. Then, about five minutes before 11:00am, you will receive an email with a link to the meeting. Use it to log on at 11:00am for a conversation about which insights stood out to you and learn from others.

You are ALWAYS welcome to join this group – or any of them - without sharing.) This conversation will never run past 12:00pm. This group is every week throughout the year and will continue until the in-person meeting resumes. Asking to join the email list does not mean you must attend every week.

We will use the Google Meet platform. It is high quality and even has an astonishing live closed caption capability. You will need to sign up for a free Google email account.

Do not worry about finding Google Meet. Once you send your gmail address to David Lins and which groups you’d like to be a part of, he will email you the link (to that address) 5 minutes before the session. Follow the link to join the meeting. Only people with the link will be able to join. So invite anyone you’d like, just make sure they reach out in advance of the meeting. You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, Chromebook, or smart phone, as long as it has a mic and a camera.

Please email David Lins as soon as you are able with your gmail address if you intend on attending any of these groups! And remember – this is a GREAT opportunity to invite others!