July 26

07-26-2020(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

When a typical person is wandering through a field, and they discover a treasure, they keep it. What they DON’T DO, is leave it there, sell everything they own, and purchase the entire field.

So what kind of point is Jesus trying to make with this parable?

Most people understand the treasure represents (either) heaven or Jesus Christ, himself. And Jesus wants to make it clear to his followers that when it comes to the Christian life, there are no shortcuts. You can’t cheat your way into heaven. You can’t steal the Kingdom of God.

You have to give everything.

So, should you have an “everything-must-go” estate sale this weekend? Let’s ask my favorite estate sale advisor, St. Francis de Sales...

In “The Introduction to the Devout Life,” he suggested we embrace poverty in two ways. The first way is regular almsgiving. We give away with frequency. We help those less fortunate. We bless causes and people in need. We give joyfully.

The second way is something that is particularly interesting, given our current struggles. We need to accept losses gently, meekly, and courageously. If we lost money in the stock market. If we’ve lost the freedom to take a loved one to dinner and a movie. If we’ve lost our peace. If we’ve lost our health. Even when we’ve lost a loved one. We embrace poverty—we give everything for the treasure of Heaven—when we accept these losses gently, meekly, and courageously.

Truly challenging.
And absolutely possible.

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