You Cannot Remain on the Sidelines Any Longer

04-24-2022(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

The first words of this weekend’s First Weekend are worth reflecting on: “Many signs and wonders were done among the people at the hands of the apostles.”

You see, they had received the Holy Spirit and were emboldened. They were inspired. They were strengthened.

These first followers answered the call of the Holy Spirit. And as they received the Spirit, it compelled them to pass it on. Those who truly receive the Spirit are unable to contain it. It must spill forth, overflow, and spread.

If you have been baptized and confirmed, you cannot remain on the sidelines any longer. You are not given the option of sitting this one out. You are being called out by God to help embolden, inspire, and strengthen others.

Your parish needs help.

We need those among you to aid our mission in reaching out to our parish children and youth. Already—this year— members of our youth group invited a friend. She was not Catholic, or even baptized... but she was at last week’s Easter Vigil. And her father was finally confirmed—and is now a dear friend of mine.

And there can be countless more stories like this, but we need more people to step forward and discover where they might best be of use. We will help you discover your particular charism and train you up in whatever way you might need.

Do NOT self-disqualify—after all, God does not called the qualified, he qualifies the called.

I expect many signs and wonders will be done among the people of this parish. If only God’s disciples will answer the call.

That is you. The one reading this.
Shoot me an email so we can chat and begin the journey. This parish CANNOT be what it is called to be if you don’t.

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