Happy Lent!

03-06-2022(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

If you are reading this, I have two things I need to say.

1. Thank you for taking a moment to reflect with me on a weekly basis. It is truly humbling.

2. Happy Lent! It is upon us and this week’s Gospel is the perfect starting point for significant reflection if we examine the three ways the devil tempted Jesus.

First, he watched Jesus and knew he’d been fasting for 40 days, so he tempted him with food. Pleasure of the flesh.

Then, he offered Jesus everything as far as the eye could see. Who isn't tempted by the next possession?

Finally, he tempted Jesus to reveal his divinity by essentially levitating! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the devil’s last stand is always pride.

Pleasure. Possessions. Pride.

Do we fail in battles of the flesh? This question applies to food, drink, drugs, sex, lust, and so much more.

Do we fail in our constant desire for more? Do we convince ourselves the next big thing we need to possess will somehow satisfy our fickle desires? Do we forget all the things we used to think would satisfy that we already have?

Do we fail in the arena of pride? When is the last time we were wrong about something? When is the last time we apologized? Do we need to have those around us recognize our gifts and talents?

As always, we must look to Jesus as our example—and his answers all amounted to this: God alone satisfies. There will always be the next wave of hunger or lust. There will always

be the next possession to acquire. And there will always be those who do not recognize our true value. God ALONE satisfies.

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