“Feast Day of Hope”

08-26-2021(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

August 28th is what I like to call the “Feast Day of Hope.” It is actually the feast day of St. Augustine. (And with that, some of you already know where I’m going with this, but stick around anyway.)

Augustine of Hippo had a mom...as you do. Her name was Monica. She was incredibly holy, despite extensive suffering. Her husband was an adulterer with all violent temper. She wept for her son nightly. The young man took up non- Christian beliefs and Monica drove him from her home.

After a vision, she reconciled with her son. This doesn’t mean she approved of his beliefs and she continued her prayerful assault on Heaven on his behalf.

She then followed her son all the way to Rome. Unfortunately, he had already moved on to Milan. What did she do? Yeah. She followed him there.

Upon finding him there, she also located St. Ambrose and through him, ultimately brought about the conversion of her son.

Not only did her son become Catholic, he became a recognized saint and his masterwork CONFESSIONS has become one of the most-read Catholic books in history.

This is why the Feast of St. Augustine is the feast of hope.

How many of us have a family member, a spouse, or a dear friend who have refused or rejected the Faith? How much joy would we have if we saw them walking up the aisle for the Eucharist? How many of us feel a sinking, hopeless feeling that we never will see them receive the Eucharist again?

Follow the example of St. Monica.

Pray without ceasing.
Maintain relationship.
Don’t let the individual get too far away from you.
Recognize it might need to be another Catholic who the Lord uses to bring them home.
Never give up hope.

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