Our Lady of Joy Catholic Church to Return to Her Architectural Heritage

“The great medieval cathedrals are Bibles of stone.”


Our Lady of Joy is not a majestic, medieval cathedral but she has the bones of a great simplistic beauty within her. A renovation is now underway that will return Our Lady of Joy to her intended architectural roots – that of a mission-style church.

The renovation commenced in early May with construction anticipated to end in late September.

We are pleased to announce that Bishop Olmsted will bless the new permanent altar on Saturday, October 7 at the 5:00 p.m. Vigil Mass.

Please Note These Dates

May 8 - Oct 1

No access to Church*

May 9 - Oct 1

All morning and weekend Masses are in the Parish Hall

May 9

The Perpetual Adoration Chapel has moved back to its original site in the Teen Center. Open only during office hours Monday through Friday until the church reopens.

We are looking forward to the beautiful and exciting transformative work that will enhance our parishioners’ experience at Our Lady of Joy. Architectural renderings of the project may be viewed in the Parish Hall.

Parishioners will also receive descriptive updates and photos via the bulletin, website, Facebook and the biweekly email newsletter as the project progresses.

*For your safety during the renovation, the church will be off limits to everyone except for the construction crew. Out of respect for the workers, we appreciate your understanding and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “The church is beautiful. Why does it need to be renovated?”

A: The last renovation of Our Lady of Joy was 21 years ago. As homeowners, we are accustomed to making periodic updates to our residences to maintain property values and keep our homes aesthetically pleasing and safe. As caretakers of our church, we feel the same obligation.

Q: What are some of the items that will be renovated?

A: Here is a list of the major components of the renovation:

  • The church currently has 11 different types of tile flooring, making them impossible to replace.  There are also two major cracks running north to south and east to west. The cracks will be filled in and leveled and a new, unified tile floor will be installed.
  • The church’s sound system was installed 15 years ago and is embedded underneath the cement flooring, making it inaccessible for upgrades or replacement. We have frequent complaints from people in some areas of the church who cannot hear the mass. A new sound system will be installed to alleviate these problems.
  • Many pews are cracked and deteriorating. The particle board can only be repaired so many times before it is unsafe for further use. New pews will be installed and our current pews that are salvageable will be incorporated into a renovation project now underway at St. Luke’s in Phoenix. OLOJ and St. Luke’s have coordinated the timing of their projects to maximize the utility of the pews and potentially some other items.
  • The choir will be moved to an elevated area at the rear of the church, which is the liturgically correct location.
  • The Sanctuary will be restored to the sacred space it was meant to be by making it the focal point of the church. Three new pieces will be added to the Sanctuary: a permanent Altar Table, Ambo, and Altar of Repose. The size of the Sanctuary will be increased to accommodate our priests, deacons, clergy, lectors, etc. and will include ADA ramps. The Sanctuary will be flanked by the shrines of Mary and Joseph and new statues of saints will be added to the back of the church.
  • The current Stations of the Cross are abstract in style and will be replaced with new Stations that are harmonious with the mission church theme. The existing Stations will likely be transferred to another church.

Q: What will happen to the painting of Our Lady in the Desert?

A: Our Lady of Joy will keep this beautiful painting. Owing to its vast size, a precise location has not been determined yet.

Q: How is the project being funded?

A:  Our Lady of Joy has a five year capital improvement budget of $1.6 million dollars.  This budget was established in 2013 from a very generous gift of $4.2 million dollars.  Since 2013, we have completed several projects: parking lot, Adoration Chapel, new roofs on all six buildings and we have replaced several of our 34 air-conditioning units. We recently completed the kitchen project and are now underway with the church remodel.

Q: What is the time frame for the project?

A: The church closed for renovation on May 8 and will reopen on October 1. During this time, all masses are being held in the Parish Hall. Meetings and classes will be held at other locations on our campus and should be scheduled with Becky in the parish office. The Perpetual Adoration Chapel has temporarily moved back to its original site in the Teen Center and is open only during office hours Monday through Friday until the church reopens.

Note: This is an architectural rendering; some colors, finishes and other design elements may be different than depicted.