Church Renovation Update

Parish News

Here are a few of the most recent construction activities:

  • The raised floor for the new choir area has been poured.
  • The floor of the Working Sacristy has been raised to align with the top level of the Sanctuary.
  • Cleaning crews spent several days scouring raw cement to establish a dust-free environment for the next phase of the project, which includes painting the ceiling beams.

Several parishioners have asked if there are opportunities to make donations for items that will be needed inside the renovated church. The answer is “yes”! Holy water fonts, flower stands, candlesticks, crucifixes, candelabras and Stations of the Cross are a few examples of the items that are available for your support.

If you are interested in making a donation for an item in our church, please contact Laura Hicks at 480-346-3041, who will be happy to discuss with you all of the opportunities that are available for donations.