Small Christian Communities- Coming Soon!

Small Christian Communities

It was Jesus who invited his disciples into community, where they were formed in His way of discipleship. After his death and resurrection, early Christians prayed together in small gatherings and shared in the Eucharist as they were instructed by the Lord. They supported one another by living the values that Jesus taught them. This was the communicative character of the early Church.

Today, a Small Christian Community (SCC) is typically a group of 6-12 people who meet in each other’s homes twice a month for an hour to grow in their faith through prayer and a sharing of the upcoming Sunday Gospel reading. There are five elements of a SCC: Prayer, Learning, Sharing, Closing Prayer and Fellowship.

Soon you will begin hearing about SCCs from Fr. Jess and Fr. Clement, who are both very excited to introduce this program to our parish. We invite you to prayerfully consider responding to this call. It is hoped that several Small Christian Communities will be active in our parish by mid-April.

For more information, contact SCC Coordinator Cliff McGraw at or 480-502-1542.