Church Renovation Update

Parish News

Most of the recent activity has involved demolition and prep work for the planned improvements.

  • All of the pews have been removed and many of them were gratefully received by St. Luke Catholic Church in Phoenix.
  • Floor tiles have been removed.
  • The floor is being repaired and leveled.
  • The expanded Sanctuary is being formed.

The renovation of the church is well underway and on track! We are pleased to announce that Bishop Olmsted will bless the new permanent altar on Sat, Oct 7 at the 5:00pm Vigil Mass.


  • May 8 - Oct 1: No access to Church
  • May 9 - Oct 1: All morning and weekend Masses will be in the Parish Hall
  • May 9: The Perpetual Adoration Chapel will move back to its original site in the Teen Center. Open only during office hours until the church reopens.

Parishioners will receive descriptive updates and photos via the bulletin, website, Facebook and email as the project progresses.

More information about the renovation can be found here.