Talk about the Popes

04-14-2019Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Catholics seem to talk about Popes like other people talk about athletes...

“Sure, John XXIII was fine, but I prefer John Paul II.”

“John Paul I had so much unrealized potential.”

“Benedict XVI retired too soon.”

Here is a scenario I’d like you to imagine: during Holy Week, the Pope is asked about Jesus. He responds, “Who?”


“Never heard of Him,” the Pope responds.

“I’m sorry... Jesus... the Son of God."

“I have no idea who you are talking about.” With that, the Pope walks away.

That would really get Catholics talking. That would get the world talking.

Here is the thing: it has already happened. In the Gospel of Luke, Peter denies Jesus three times.

Guess what? The Church survived. Not only that, Peter went on to become a revered saint. This Holy Week, let’s resolve to pray for our Pope, and each other.

May your Holy Week be blessed!

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