The Universe Keeps Expanding

05-13-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Psalm 103 tells us that God removes our sin as far as the east is to the west. As an insightful member of our Monday Morning Scripture Study (Room 3 of the parish hall 10:30-Noon—give it a try!) mentioned, the Universe keeps expanding. This means the Lord infinitely separates us from our sin! Unfortunately, most of us dive into another pool of sin. This is where the Sacrament of Confession comes in.

A dear friend once confided, “You know I have trouble with the Catholic teaching on confession, but I have to admit, I’m a bit jealous you get to hear the words.” “What words?” I asked. “You are forgiven,” he confessed.

We, as Catholics, don’t only take for granted the big aspects of the Sacraments (like the wiping clean of our sin), we completely overlook the tiny details (like hearing those beautiful words).

Once a child gets beyond the fear, confession is pretty simple for the first few years. “I hit my brother.” “I lied to my mom.” “I copied my friend’s homework.” (I once heard a priest compare first confessions to being stoned to death with marshmallows!) Then, the teen years hit and those confessions get a bit more difficult, embarrassing. Still, they are fairly straightforward.

As we get older, life gets messier. So do our confessions. I would submit making a good confession as an adult consists not just in rattling off a list of unfortunate actions, decisions, and words, but spending a little time examining the sins searching for their roots.

Here is an example: If you yell at people, why are you so angry? Do you feel trapped or underappreciated? Does that make you angry at God? Why? What were your expectations for life? Do you have less than you deserve? (See where I’m going here?)

Another example: If you constantly compare your spouse to other spouses, don’t stop there. Ask yourself why? Are they not meeting your expectations? Are you not willing to have difficult conversations with them that are delivered with love and tact? Should they just know what you need? Have you given up because you are exhausted? Have you stopped praying for them? Loving them? Are you still fighting for your marriage?

Put thought into the sin you want God to separate from you.

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