Welcome Home

04-16-2017Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

People stop attending Mass every Sunday for any number of reasons. Here is a little food for thought on each…

There are far more entertaining ways I can spend an hour each Sunday.

In the moment, the most meaningful use of our time is rarely the most entertaining. As a young person, you can study or you can play a video game. As a young adult, you can pick up a side job and start socking away savings or you can binge another Netflix show. As an adult, you can spend time with your elderly parents or you can buy season tickets. As a retiree, you can volunteer the talents you spent a lifetime developing or you can golf. The pursuit of entertainment rarely results in a meaningful life, but the pursuit of God always does.

I don’t agree with every teaching.

I understand we live in a culture where we surround ourselves with what we already believe, but how does that foster growth and challenge us to something greater? A person ceases to grow the instant they assume they are always right. Who could possibly know more about what we were made for...than the One who made us?

A representative of the Church hurt me.

I am deeply sorry this happened. I will not make excuses. If I hurt you in any way, I apologize. I ask you to remember that the individual who hurt you was a person, not God. It has been said that you shouldn’t judge medicine by those that don’t take it. Judge our Catholic Faith by those who have taken the medicine faithfully - the saints.

I’m struggling and don’t know if I belong.

You have the wrong impression of our Church. It has been said we are not a refuge for the perfect, but a field hospital for the wounded. Do you hurt? Welcome to the club! Do you have questions? Welcome to the family! Is your life messy? Welcome home.