Be a Pawn for the Lord

09-23-2018(Being) Catholic MattersDavid Lins

I mess up. Often. Ask anyone who knows me well. As a result, I sometimes get discouraged in my efforts to be a disciple. I feel unworthy and unable. Yet, there are certain verses of the Bible that give me hope. In the ninth chapter of Mark, the disciples are arguing over who was the greatest.

I can almost hear them now, “I am so much more humble than you!” “You are crazy! No one has been, is, or ever will be as humble as I am!” It seems ridiculous on the surface until we do a good examination of conscience.

When someone dares challenge our integrity, why do we get so upset? When someone has the nerve to question our intentions, why do we become so indignant? There is only one explanation: we are pretty convinced of our own greatness.

Jesus presents the antidote to both the disciples—and us. He asks us to be servants. How do we do it? Let’s talk about chess for a moment. The pawn is an interesting piece. It is the most common. In most ways, it is also the most limited. Many would say it is the most expendable. The crazy part is if the pawn is willing to sacrifice itself, sometimes it advances all the way to the far end of the board and becomes the most powerful piece on the entire board. Suddenly, its value transforms because it can be changed into almost any other piece on the board.

In much the same way, it is only when we are willing to be a pawn for the Lord and embrace dying to ourselves, that we become truly Christ-like. We are transformed and our gifts are multiplied.

Now, how great is that?

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