Another Amos

07-15-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

If you ask most Catholics what Amos is known for, they would quickly respond, “his famous cookies!” If you ask them to open their Bibles, they realize there was another Amos. (Whether or not the Biblical Amos knew how to make chocolate chip cookies is not recorded.) The Amos of the Bible was a shepherd and worked in orchards who lived in the southern kingdom of Judah.


There is Nothing New Under the Sun

07-08-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

It can be so difficult to share our faith and how it shapes our worldview with someone who either is unfamiliar with it or has rejected it outright. This can feel like a new phenomenon as our nation’s inability to have civil discourse on virtually any topic of substance seems increase by the hour. Yet, as my father used to say, “there is nothing new under the sun.”


Humility and Faith

07-01-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

In the fifth chapter of the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is summoned by Jairus to come to his home. Jairus, a leader and a man of great influence, falls at Jesus’ feet in an act of great humility and faith. His daughter is at the point of death.

On Jesus’ journey to Jairus’ home, he is mobbed by massive crowds. In the midst of the pushing, shoving, and jostling, a woman who had been hemorrhaging for twelve years makes a point to touch Jesus’ clothes as He passed by. Although the faith believed if one was touched by someone who was deemed unclean (as she would’ve been due to her ailment) the impurity would spread, she had faith that Jesus was so powerful that the flow would reverse (and Jesus would not become unclean, but she would be cleansed). She was immediately healed and restored.


A Mobile Home

06-24-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

A house is difficult to move unless it is a mobile home.

We all know someone—or several people—who have left the Catholic Faith. The resulting emotions might include hurt, disappointment, and/or shock. How could they leave?

The bottom line is simple: how strong was their foundation? If a foundation is shallow, the slightest breeze can blow it over. If a person doesn’t realize Mary is referenced in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, any attack on the Blessed Mother can shake them. If a person doesn’t realize Jesus didn’t budge when people left during His teaching on the Eucharist, any attack on the Eucharist can shake them. If a person doesn’t realize Scripture clearly describes God calling us and knowing us while we are still in the womb (as found in this weekend’s Readings), abortion ceases to be an article of our Faith.


Share Our Faith

06-17-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

If I could go back in time, there are a few things I’d change. One of them would involve spending habits in my early twenties. An example would be when I bought a little used convertible Miata instead of a car that was functional. I wish I would’ve been more frugal and invested the extra money. If I had, my wife and I would be in a better position to adopt a second child. Now…looking back… driving a convertible for a few years seems so dumb compared to the ability to adopt a second child.


Who God Is

06-10-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

A few weeks ago, at the Parish Scripture Study Group (Mondays at 10:30am in Room 3 of the Parish Hall—join us!), we were discussing why the Church teaches the mystery of the Trinity is the central mystery of our entire faith. This is because every other mystery is about what God does. The mystery of the Trinity is about who God is.


He will not Let Us Stray from His Plan

06-03-2018Catholic ThoughtsDavid Lins

Have you ever felt the promptings of the Holy Spirit? These usually come in the form of something that you wouldn’t normally do, but feel compelled to accomplish that will give glory to God or His blessing to another.